D23 Expo Trip Report July 2017

D23 Expo Trip Report

The D23 Expo this year was amazing! There was a lot of new stuff announced for the Disney theme parks which can be found in our D23 Expo post.

While some of us attended the D23 Expo, other Park Savers were at the parks. It may have been one of the slowest days we've seen at the parks in a long time. Because the D23 Expo only happens every other year, a lot of people book in advance for hotel rooms. All of Anaheim was booked up for the Expo well in advance. What we're getting at is that all the Anaheim hotel rooms were booked up for people attending the Expo; and they all went during the day. This left he parks empty until the evening time. It was amazing!

Most ride lines were 10 minutes or less. Space Mountain was 15 minutes! During the day time! This is unheard of! While Expo attendees were waiting in hours long lines people at the parks were enjoying the shortest lines of the year! It was a great time to visit the parks!

During out visit the Disneyland Railroad was being ran and tested. It's going to be amazing when it opens! Because they took down the wall by Critter Country's Hungry Bear Restaurant, you can see far enough back to see the new trestle bridge. Hurray! 

The Mark Twain and Sailing Ship Columbia were open and running at this time. Same with Tom Sawyer Island. They'll all open for your enjoyment.

They've also reopened the pass between Frontierland and Fantasyland so you don't have to walk all the way around the castle to connect. We were very excited about this! It also shows where one of the entrances to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will be. Woot!

Fantasmic! also debut secretly on Rivers of America with soft showings for several nights. Only one night was crazy and that was because they announced at the D23 Expo that Fantasmic! was playing that night. It's got ridiculously crowded that night and it was a fantastic show! Fantasmic! is now playing each week. Be sure to check your times guide for days and times.

Overall this was a great trip. A little hot but with the crowds gone at the Expo during the day it was really nice! We'll definitely be back in 2 years to enjoy it once more!