Buying Discount Walt Disney World Tickets

Buying the right ticket for your Walt Disney World trip can be somewhat of a confusing and tedious task. With so many options to choose from and so many days to play it's important to choose the right one for you and your party. We'll break down everything that's available and help you pick which ticket options are right for you as well as how many days.

A quick intro to Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort is located in Orlando, FL. It features 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, over 14 property hotels, a sports complex, and Disney Springs. It's a very big place with a lot of things to do! That's why buying the correct ticket is so important.

Buying Discount Walt Disney World Tickets

There is one company that we love above the rest for several reason but mostly because of their pricing. Prepare yourself for a lot of savings! Park Savers has been selling discounted Disney World Tickets for over 5 years and has become one of the best and most sought-after distributor. Their customer service is excellent and will go above and beyond for you and yours when you purchase your tickets with them. You can expect to save from $15 to over $40 per ticket!

Plus they are always offering specials such as 3 days free on a Park Hopper or 2 days free on a Hopper + Water Parks ticket. You won't find a better discounter than Park Savers.

Where not to buy your tickets

Walt Disney World does not have nearly as much fraud with their tickets as their sister park in California. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We would recommend you avoid the following situations to ensure you receive legitimate tickets:

  • Craigslist is a bad place to look for tickets. You don't know if they've been used at all or if they are just completely fake.
  • eBay is the same way it's one place Disney hates to see their tickets. An authorized seller would never list on a website like this.
  • Any website that has the name "Disney" or "Disney World" or any variation of that. Authorized sellers are not allowed to use those names in their company names or website addresses. For example, Park Savers does not include either one of those; in fact it's not even close. Any companies selling tickets with those words is a scam.
  • Any company that wants you to meet them in person to give you the tickets, like in a parking lot or just outside the parks, is not a good idea. Authorized sellers will either send you a voucher, e-Ticket, or confirmation codes via email or mail or ask that you come down to their retail store. 

A good thing to remember is that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. That's why we suggest Park Savers as the best place to buy discounted Walt Disney World tickets. They are an authorized seller and have the best prices on the internet!

Length of ticket is important

Your play time is important and the Walt Disney World Resort certainly gives you as little or as much time as you would ever want. Tickets start at 1-day and go all the way up to 10 days, some even beyond this. If you've never been to the Walt Disney World Resort before you'll want to do a 5-Day ticket minimum. This allows you one whole day at each theme park and then one extra day at either your favorite park or parks depending on which ticket options you have. We suggest purchasing your Walt Disney World tickets from Park Savers, the best online ticket discounter on the web.

If you're planning on spending an entire week there Monday-Sunday, grab a 7-day ticket. It only costs about $10 more per day after 5-days so you're looking at $20 to add an additional 2-days...that's a great deal! This is the case all the way up to 10 days.

There are lots of people who go for just 1 day and when they do this it's typically to Magic Kingdom Park. This is the most visited theme park in the world. Just something to keep in mind. On our crowd calendars you'll see that it's typically a yellow or red park on most days. We would suggest trying out Animal Kingdom for a 1-day visit.

Ticket Options are too

There are several ticket options to add to your ticket to give you more things to do then just 1 park per day. The most popular is going to be the Park Hopper option. This allows you to go between all 4 theme parks as much as you want on each day of your visit. We always suggest getting this option as it allows you to move away from a busy theme park. Park Savers has great Park Hopper options and the best pricing available on these tickets.

Your next option is the Park Hopper Plus option. It gives you the opportunity to do one of the following activities on each day:

  • Disney's Blizzard Beach water park
  • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park
  • ESPN Wide World of Sport Complex
  • Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Course
  • Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course
  • 9 holes at Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course

So if you have a 7 day ticket you'll get to do 7 activities. You could golf all 7 times or you could go to a water park one day then mini golf the next. How you use them is up to you! You can use 2 activities in one day if you want or even 3. You can even use them AFTER you've gone 7 days to the theme parks. Just remember, all activities expire 14 days after first use of your ticket.

A No Expiration option use to exist but is no longer offered. Disney still honors tickets that were purchased before this service concluded.

So what's your best ticket?! The most popular ticket purchased from Disney is the 4-day base ticket. It's not the one we recommend but it seems to be the one most people prefer. Base tickets can be good and bad depending on your advanced planning techniques. They save you a lot of money which is great but so does Park Savers on all tickets and options. 

The down side to base tickets are your stuck in one park the entire day. If that park ends up being really busy that's kind of a bummer. To avoid this check out our crowd calendars. They'll help you see which parks are predicted to be slow or busy. It's a free service so you might as well use it!

Fastpass+ service

This service is available to ANY and ALL guests free of charge who have a valid ticket. Fastpass is a reservation for attraction lines that essentially allows you to skip the main line and get to the attraction faster. Fastpass+ is the advanced reservations of this service. You choose which attractions you want to use Fastpass on BEFORE you get to the parks. It's a really cool planning tool and if you want to read more about how it works check-out our Fastpass+ Guide.

What ticket would we suggest?

Our recommended ticket is the 5-day Park Hopper. It's the perfect length of ticket to get a lot done plus you can move from park to park as you please. Of course if there is a sell ticket for the same price but gives you more days then by all means go for it! To get a great deal on this ticket and others check out our recommended ticket discounter Park Savers