Purchasing Costco Disneyland Tickets

Purchasing your Disneyland Tickets through Costco can be great....if you can find them. Costco used to sell Disneyland tickets online for anyone to purchase and they were a great deal! Now they don't offer anything online. Some warehouses in So. California still sell tickets to So. California Residents at a great price but you have to be a resident and show photo ID to receive and use your tickets. If you know a So. Cal Resident then you're in luck! If you don't there is no way to purchase them.

Park Savers does have a great deal for Costco Members though. Any member who buys their tickets through Park Savers can receive an extra $2 off per ticket by using coupon code: costco2

Enter that coupon code at check-out and save!

Costco Disneyland Tickets