1. Carthay Circle Lounge

Hint: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered at this theater in 1937.

Try the Twice Cooked Taco's, they are amazing!

2. Grizzly River Run - DCA Park

Hint: Take the scenic route to your next "run."

Enjoy the ride and don't get too wet!

3. Steakhouse 55 - Disneyland Hotel

Hint: Name after the year Disneyland opened, this place is killer to "lounge" around in.

Order the 24 layer chocolate cake (it's not on the lounge menu but ask for it).

The 24 layer cake is not well known to guests, especially since it's not listed on the menu. In the lounge, if you sit at the bar, you can also order from the restaurant's full menu without a reservation.

4. Walt's Apartment - Disneyland Park off Main Street USA

Hint: Walt would catch some Z's here during and after the construction of Disneyland.

The entrance to Walt's Apartment is actually behind the building; however, in the mid to later 50's after the opening of the park the firepole found in the firehouse was always open for Walt and his grandkids to slide down. It was closed after a guest climbed up and poked his head into the apartment.

5. 21 Royal Street - New Orleans Square

Hint: Walt and Roy's dream for their families inside Disneyland Park was pretty "suite".

21 Royal Street is actually the back entrance to Walt and Roy's Dream Suite. It's situated above the entrance of Pirates of the Caribbean and is now home to 21 Royal, the $15,000 dining experience where you and up to 9 guests can enjoy a private meal by Disneyland Resorts executive chef Andrew Sutton.

6. Golden Horseshoe Restaurant - Frontierland

Hint: This place holds the record for longest running musical of all time by Guinness Book of Records.

Once inside head upstairs. When looking at the stage you'll see two booths on the right and left of the stage. The one on the right was Walt's personal booth for the shows. Anyone can enjoy a seat now!

7. Main Street Electrical Parade

Hint: I was a big hit but left to share my joy with others. Now I'm back to my original home and "lighting" up the hearts of adults and kids alike.

Make sure to get your un-official Main Street Electrical Parade light-up shoes from Park Savers before your trip!