BYU Discount Disneyland Tickets

Alumni of BYU have a great opportunity to purchase their BYU discount Disneyland tickets with Park Savers! For many years BYU has given back not just to the community around them but all over the world. Their graduates come out to serve the people and lands in which they end up. They make a great difference in the world around them! It's because of this that Park Savers is happy to offer BYU discount Disneyland tickets!

To purchase your BYU discount Disneyland tickets just click here. We're happy to offer some great tickets and promotions for BYU alumni and current students of the university. Look for our promotion tickets at the top and our discounted tickets after. You can look at saving anywhere from $2-$25 per ticket. We offer both Park Hopper Option and 1 Park Per Day tickets for your convenience. 

If you need some help on choosing which BYU discount Disneyland tickets are right for you we can help! We always suggest the 3-Day Park Hopper ticket to help you see and experience everything. It's the perfect ticket for a family who's never been or haven't been in a while. A lot changes at the parks including parades and other shows. The 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket will help you see it all. 

There are times when you want to purchase your tickets to save additional monies. Disney historically has raised their prices towards the end of February so if you know you're taking a trip sometime later that year you may want to purchase sometime in January or the beginning of February. Also during the end of April into May there are typically promotion tickets going on.

When purchasing your BYU discount Disneyland tickets is can also be helpful to know what season is best to visit the parks. Take into consideration school breaks, holidays, conventions, and park events including openings of new attractions and shows. You want to avoid any of these times if you're looking for a slow season to visit in. Slow seasons are a great time to visit with slow crowds. Typically during slow seasons the parks will do some attraction renovations and have smaller park hours. Just keep this in mind. 

So when you're ready to purchase your BYU discount Disneyland tickets click here. Thanks for being part of such a great school and keep up the good work!