Adults Pay Kids Prices for Disneyland Resort Tickets!

Adults Pay Kids Prices for Disneyland Resort Tickets!

We're excited to announce our newest ticket promotion for the Disneyland Resort! With all that's happened this year (and still to come) we're happy to continue to offer the best discounts and prices on Disneyland Resort tickets!

Right now adults can pay kids prices on all 3, 4, and 5 Day Park Hopper tickets! You can save up to $20 per person with this limited-time offer! Keep in mind that these prices won't last long! Buy now for any travel through Dec. 31st, 2017. 

Check-out the new pricing for the Adults Pay Kids Prices promotion:

3-Day Park Hopper Tickets

Adults: $301.00 with Park Savers vs. $315 Gate Price

Children: $301.00 with Park Savers vs. $303 Gate Price

4-Day Park Hopper Tickets

Adults: $318.00 with Park Savers vs. $335 Gate Price

Children: $318.00 with Park Savers vs. $320 Gate Price

5-Day Park Hopper Tickets

Adults: $330.00 with Park Savers vs. $350 Gate Price

Children: $330.00 with Park Savers vs. $335 Gate Price

Discount Disney World Tickets for 2017

Discount Disney World Tickets

Even though 2017 is more than halfway over there are still great discounts to be had for Walt Disney World! For instance, Park Savers is offering a 7-Day Park Hopper Ticket for LESS than the price of a 5-Day ticket. That's 2 free days! Don't miss out on this great deal as it won't last much longer!

Discount Walt Disney World Tickets

Deals like that don't come around too often so be sure to take advantage of it! Disney does occasionally offer discounts on their own tickets but they are usually only for Florida Residents. That's kind of a bummer for everyone else. That's where we come in. Park Savers offers discount Disney World tickets all year round! You can save anywhere from $10 to over $50 per ticket! That's a lot of savings!

Take a look at some of our current discounts:

3-Day Park Hopper ticket: Adult Gate Price: $391.69  Park Savers Price: $361 - Save $30! Taxes Included!

5-Day Park Hopper ticket with 5th Day FREE: Adult Gate Price: $473.93 Park Savers Price: $445 - Save $29! Taxes Included!

5-Day Park Hopper Plus ticket with 5th Day FREE: Adult Gate Price: $509  Park Savers Price: $465 - Save $44!

We offer all sorts of discounts on all tickets 3 days or more! 

Discount Disney World Base Tickets

Base tickets allow you to enter 1 of the 4 theme parks each day. You cannot go back and forth between parks. The most popular Base Ticket is the 4 Day Base Ticket. It allows you to experience all 4 theme parks over a 14 day period. 

We typically don't suggest the Base Tickets because it's very limiting. For instance, if you choose Magic Kingdom Park one day and that happens to be the busiest park, you're stuck there the entire day with large crowds and long lines. However, the Base Tickets do cost less than the Park Hopper tickets. So if the Base Tickets fit your budget best, then go for it!

Discount Disney World Park Hopper Tickets

Park Hopper tickets allow you visit all 4 theme parks and go back and forth as much as you'd like for the length of your ticket. The most popular ticket is the 5 Day Park Hopper Ticket. It gives you 5 Days of fun at all 4 theme parks!

We always recommend the Park Hopper option as it allows you to avoid the potential large crowd in a park. If you get to Animal Kingdom and it's just crazy there, you can leave! You don't have to be stuck at a park with long lines!

Discount Disney World Park Hopper Plus Tickets

Park Hopper Plus tickets allow you to visit all 4 theme parks plus the 2 water parks and then some! It can sounds like a complicated ticket but it really isn't. Here's the breakdown:

  • You get the Park Hopper Option so you can visit all 4 theme parks on the same day for the length of your ticket.
  • You get visits to do any of the following things: 

    Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

    Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

    Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

    Disney's Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf

    Oak Trail Golf Course 9 holes.

    ESPN World Wide Sports Complex

So how do the visits work? If you purchase a 5 Day Park Hopper Plus ticket you get 5 visits to do the above mentioned things. How you use them is up to you. The number of visits is based on the number of days your ticket it. A 5 Day ticket will give you 5 visits. A 7 Day ticket will give you 7 visits and so on. 

Discount Disney World Tickets

Visits can be used how you want. If you go to Hollywood Studios for most of the day and then want to Mini Golf after, go for it! If you want to visit Typhoon Lagoon for most of the day and then Mini Golf, sweet! Just keep in mind that each visit you do removes one visit. So if you use 2 in one day, you're now down 2. You can also use visits AFTER you've visited the parks. Example:

Let's say you buy a 4 Day Park Hopper Plus ticket. Let's say you spend the first 4 days at the theme parks and you don't use any of your visits. Well now that you've used your 4 days at the parks you can still use your visits! You have 14 days from the first time you entered the parks to use EVERYTHING on your ticket including your visits!

Discount Disney World tickets are the only way to go when it comes to visiting the parks. Savings on your tickets can be used towards other things that can be expensive such as park merchandize or dining. Savings $30 per ticket for example for a family of 4 is $120! That's a lot of extra cash to use! It will make your Disney World vacation that much more memorable! 

Is Disneyland's MaxPass worth the cost?

Just a few weeks ago the Disneyland Resort launched their new MaxPass system to "enhance" their current Fastpass system. If you don't know what it is we'll explain in just a moment. What we're really getting at though is this: Is MaxPass worth the extra cost to you? 

MaxPass allows you to plan your Fastpasses via your mobile phone without having to physically walk to any Fastpass machine and enter your park ticket. Let's say you're over in DCA Park in line for Guardians of the Galaxy. It's hot and you're thinking either Grizzly River Run or Splash Mountain would be a great way to cool off. You don't want to wait in a long line once you've gotten to the ride so you want a Fastpass. We'll, you're not leaving Guardians just to go get a Fastpass neither are you willing to walk all the way over to Splash or Grizzly to get the FP and wait till your return comes up. Enter MaxPass.

MaxPass will let you pull up Grizzly or Splash, see when the next available FP is for that ride and let you get one. Now you don't have to walk anywhere to get the FP or leave the line you're in.

What's required for MaxPass is a valid ticket for that day and some monies. $10 per person, per day. You CAN'T buy it for one person in your party and use it for everyone. Each person has to pay to use the service including child tickets.

For a family of 4, that's an additional $40 per day added to your vacation. For a 3 day ticket that's $120! Does the service provided outweigh the cost? We've heard people claim the MaxPass helped them get more rides done during a day then just using the regular Fastpass system. We've also heard from others that it wasn't worth the extra monies. We've even heard that people forget they have it because they're so used to going to the machines.

What it comes down to is this: How much are you willing to pay for convenience? $10 now but what if it's $15 in the future? $20?!

Keep in mind that even if you don't purchase MaxPass you can still use the Fastpass system at Disneyland. You just have to walk to the machines and put your ticket in...something we've all be doing since the introduction of Fastpass at Disneyland.

One thing we know for sure is this: Whether you get MaxPass of not, you're going to have a Magical time!

New Theme Park Additions Coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World!

Disney Theme Parks and Resorts made some BIG announcements recently including new rides and attractions coming to both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. 

Let's start on the west coast with Disneyland:

Paradise Pier to be changed to Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier will feature a brand-new look for the area now known as Paradise Pier, as some of your favorite characters come to life on this seaside waterfront. You will discover whimsical neighborhoods filled with your friends from “The Incredibles,” “Inside Out” and even more of your pals from “Toy Story.” Building upon the evolution of Disney California Adventure® Park that began in 2007, we are building more new worlds for you to step into and enjoy your favorite stories.

This permanent addition to the park will open during a new limited-time celebration taking place throughout the Disneyland® Resort in 2018 — Pixar Fest! Experience the magical worlds of Pixar in brand new ways as the entire resort comes alive with some of your favorite stories.

Pixar Pier Disneyland

At Disneyland® Park, this incredible celebration will feature a brand-new fireworks spectacular as well as the return of the guest favorite, Pixar Play Parade. That’s right! This popular parade is moving across the Esplanade, which could only mean …

The popular “Paint the Night” parade returns — this time, to Disney California Adventure® Park! And there may even be a new float joining this already amazing nighttime parade.

Marvel to immerse Hollywood Land

Soon, the Guardians of the Galaxy will be joined by Spider-Man and the Avengers in what will become a completely immersive Super Hero universe at the park.

Avengers and Marvel Land

These new stories will build on the success of the new and already popular Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT! and create a place where you can team up with your favorite Super Heroes like never before. We don’t have more details to share just yet, but stay tunedas we reveal more about this one-of-a-kind experience.

Star Wars Lands receive official name; attractions

The lands, both called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, will allow you to visit a remote trading port on the edge of wild space, where Star Wars characters and your stories come to life – and where you will find yourself in the middle of the action. 

The lands will feature two major attractions that put you in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Each attraction – and even the land itself – will offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe like never before.

One attraction will make you feel like you're on a Star Destroyer inside a hangar bay. It’s an attraction built on a scale we’ve never done before.

Galaxy's Edge

The second attraction will give you the opportunity to fly the Millenium Falcon, piloting the ship, shooting blasters or preparing for hyperspace – all while completing a critical mission. But how you perform on the mission holds even bigger stakes: perform with skill and you may earn extra galactic credits, while bringing the ship back banged up could put you on the list of a bounty hunter. End up on Harkos’s list and you may face a problem if you show up at the local cantina!

Guests will also encounter many familiar faces inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, including BB-8, Chewbacca, members of the First Order and – among many others – Rex, the troublesome pilot fans may remember from the previous version of a certain Disney attraction who takes on a new role in this land as the DJ at the cantina.

And speaking of the cantina, here you will be able to try unique concoctions like blue milk. Nearby, you’ll also be able to acquire trinkets and treasures from across the galaxy.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open in 2019, first at the Disneyland Resort and later in the year at the Walt Disney World Resort. (No further opening dates have been announced yet.)

On the east coast at Walt Disney World Resort: 

Toy Story Land Opening in Summer 2018

In 2018, you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy to explore the world of Andy’s backyard with your favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody and Buzz. And Toy Story Land will feature two new themed attractions.

Toy Story Land

Slinky Dog Dash will be a family coaster attraction where you’ll zip, dodge and dash around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits.

Alien Swirling Saucers will also be a new attraction at Toy Story Land. It’s designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet, inspired by the first “Toy Story” film. Aliens are flying around in their toy flying saucers and trying to capture your rocket toy vehicle with “The Claw.”

Toy Story Land will open Summer 2018.

E-Ticket Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction coming to EPCOT

A “Guardians of the Galaxy”-inspired attraction will be added to Future World, adhering to the original vision of Epcot’s Future World as the place to experience the excitement and adventure offered by space travel.

This is an addition we’re really looking forward to, as a “Guardians of the Galaxy” attraction – Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! – debuted at Disney California Adventure® park earlier this year to rave reviews from Guests. Epcot’s brand new E-ticket attraction will be based on the rockin’ and action-packed world of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and is the next step in how you can encounter these characters at the Walt Disney World Resort. Note: This new attraction will replace the current Universe of Energy attraction, which will close Aug. 13, 2017.

Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Disney World

Ratatouille attraction to be built at the France Pavilion in EPCOT

A Disney•Pixar’s “Ratatouille”-inspired attraction will also be added to the France Pavilion in World Showcase. The attraction will expand the pavilion. Similar to the 4-D attraction Ratatouille: The Adventure that opened at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris in 2014, your Clients will be able to shrink to Remy’s size and scurry to safety in a dazzling chase across a kitchen with the sights, sounds and smells of Gusteau’s legendary Parisian restaurant.

The ride is expected to be completed by the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort in 2021.

Tron Ride coming to Magic Kingdom

Tron – the highest-rated attraction at Shanghai Disneyland– is coming to Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida!

The new Tron attraction will sit in an entirely new area right next to the Space Mountain attraction at Magic Kingdom® Park. Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, made the announcement during the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts presentation at D23 Expo 2017. 

Tron Ride Magic Kingdom

The TRON Lightcycle Power Run attraction at Shanghai Disneyland is a coaster-style attraction where riders board a train of two-wheeled Lightcycles. It offers access into the energy, lights and excitement of TRON’s high-tech universe and is one of the most thrilling adventures at any Disney park.

The attraction is expected to be open for the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort in 2021.

Mickey and Minnie to receive an attraction all their own at Hollywood Studios

A new attraction featuring international icon Mickey Mouse is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios® at the Walt Disney World® Resort!  

On Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, you will step through the movie screen and join Mickey and his friends like never before. The attraction will put Guests inside the wacky and unpredictable world of a Mickey Mouse Cartoon Short where they're the star and anything can happen. This zany out-of-control adventure features surprising twists and turns, dazzling visual effects and mind-boggling transformations that happen before your very eyes.

Mickey and Minnie Runaway Train Ride

The attraction is inspired by the Mickey Shorts that you can see on the Disney Channel. And the people who bring you the shorts at Disney Television Animation are partnering with us to help bring the attraction to life. 

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will feature a new story and a new singable attraction theme song as well as a new experience we’re calling “2 1/2 D.” No glasses required. Walt Disney Imagineer Kevin Rafferty said teams are inventing new technologies that turn the flat world of a colorful cartoon short into a “dimensional display of amazingness.”

We also wanted to let you know that in order to begin to prepare the new home of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at the Chinese Theatre in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Aug. 13, 2017 will be the final day of operation for The Great Movie Ride presented by Turner Classic Movies. Until Aug. 13, you can still relive some of the greatest movie moments in history on the Great Movie Ride attraction.

New Space-themed restaurant coming to EPCOT

We're excited to unveil exciting plans to create a new restaurant at Epcot® that’ll offer amazing meals with spectacular views high above Earth – from space

EPCOT Restaurant Space

The restaurant, which will be located adjacent to the park’s Mission: SPACE attraction, will invite Guests to travel into space for amazing dining experiences in the stars.

The new space restaurant will be operated by the Patina Restaurant Group. Patina Restaurant Group operates several other restaurants at Walt Disney World® Resort including Tutto Italia and Via Napoli at Epcot and Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs®.

Star Wars-inspired hotel coming to Walt Disney World

A Star Wars-inspired resort will debut as part of the new Disney 360 vacation concept. Bob Chapek, Chairman of the Disney Theme Parks made the announcement at 2017's D23 Expo.

Star Wars Hotel Disney World

According to Bob, this revolutionary new vacation experience will be a living adventure that allows guests to immerse themselves in an entirely new form of Disney storytelling.

“It’s unlike anything that exists today.” Bob said. “From the second you arrive, you will become a part of a Star Wars story! You’ll immediately become a citizen of the galaxy and experience all that entails, including dressing up in the proper attire. Once you leave Earth, you will discover a starship alive with characters, stories, and adventures that unfold all around you. It is 100% immersive, and the story will touch every single minute of your day, and it will culminate in a unique journey for every person who visits.”

Disney Vacation Club to add a brand new resort to its list

Instead of creating an addition to an existing Walt Disney World Resort as DVC has done in the past, they will be building a brand new resort to be called " The Riviera Resort." Located near EPCOT the new resort will feature approximately 300 rooms and a rooftop dining experience that will allow guests to enjoy the fireworks of EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

Riviera Resort Disney Vacation Club

The new resort will be the 15th Disney Vacation Club Resort. DVC members were said to be among the most loyal fans of the theme parks and that this new resort was being designed with them in mind.

The new Riviera Resort is expected to open in Fall of 2019.

Disney Skyliner will transport guests from several places at Walt Disney World

Disney announced that a new gondola transportation system call the Disney Skyliner will be put into place giving guests a bird's-eye view of the Walt Disney World Resort as they make their way from resort and theme parks.

Disney Skyliner

The Skyliner is currently set to take guests to and from the new Riviera Resort, Art of Animation, Pop Century, and Caribbean Beach resorts to Hollywood Studios and the International Gateway of EPCOT.

The Skyliner will feature different Disney characters on the outside and be completely enclosed with windows for viewing and grated areas for a fresh breeze.

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway Attraction Coming to Hollywood Studios

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

A new attraction featuring international icon Mickey Mouse is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios® at the Walt Disney World® Resort!  

On Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, you will step through the movie screen and join Mickey and his friends like never before. The attraction will put Guests inside the wacky and unpredictable world of a Mickey Mouse Cartoon Short where they're the star and anything can happen. This zany out-of-control adventure features surprising twists and turns, dazzling visual effects and mind-boggling transformations that happen before your very eyes.

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

The attraction is inspired by the Mickey Shorts that you can see on the Disney Channel. And the people who bring you the shorts at Disney Television Animation are partnering with us to help bring the attraction to life. 

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will feature a new story and a new singable attraction theme song as well as a new experience we’re calling “2 1/2 D.” No glasses required. Walt Disney Imagineer Kevin Rafferty said teams are inventing new technologies that turn the flat world of a colorful cartoon short into a “dimensional display of amazingness.”

We also wanted to let you know that in order to begin to prepare the new home of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at the Chinese Theatre in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Aug. 13, 2017 will be the final day of operation for The Great Movie Ride presented by Turner Classic Movies. Until Aug. 13, you can still relive some of the greatest movie moments in history on the Great Movie Ride attraction.

Riviera Resort Will Be Disney Vacation Club's 15th Resort!

Last week Disney announced that Disney Vacation Club would be adding its 15th resort to be called the Riviera Resort. 

The new Riviera Resort will be built near EPCOT and feature 300 new rooms and a special rooftop dining experience that will allow guests to enjoy the nighttime entertainment for EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

Riviera Resort Disney Vacation Club

In the past Disney Vacation Club has been adding onto existing resorts but never building brand new ones. The Riviera Resort will be the first in a while for the Vacation Club and DVC members are excited!

No other theming for the Riviera Resort has been announced but stay tuned for more information as it comes.

The new Riviera Resort is scheduled to open Fall of 2019 and will be connected to the all new Disney Skyliner.

MaxPass To Debut July 19th At Disneyland Resort

We are excited to announce that Disney MaxPass will launch July 19, 2017 at Disneyland® Resort. Disney MaxPass will help Guests to maximize their experience at the Resort by providing unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from the day, and by enabling the convenience of mobile FASTPASS booking and redemption times while in the Parks through the Disneyland App. 

What this means for Guests is they no longer have to walk from Matterhorn Bobsleds to Splash Mountain just to get a FASTPASS for Splash Mountain. They can simply pull out their phone, open the Disneyland Mobile App and schedule the Splash Mountain FASTPASS. This service will save guests a lot of back and forth time.

Disneyland MaxPass

Disney MaxPass will be offered for an introductory price of $10 a day.  Guests may purchase Disney MaxPass when they purchase their ticket at, at the box office, Disney Desks at Resort Hotels or Good Neighbor Hotels, or as an add-on through the Disneyland App once they enter either theme park.  Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders will have the option of purchasing Disney MaxPass for the life of their current passport for $75.  Signature Plus passholders will receive Disney MaxPass at no additional cost, as part of their annual passport entitlement.

Since announcing Disney MaxPass in January, Disney has added two additional Disney FASTPASS locations at Toy Story Mania and Matterhorn Bobsleds, bringing the total number of attractions to 16. Guests will continue to have the option of Disney FASTPASS service at no additional cost by obtaining a FASTPASS return time with their park admission ticket at attraction FASTPASS kiosks.

Get 2 Days FREE at Walt Disney World Resort This Summer

Specials like this don't come along very often. Park Savers has a very special offer for anyone going to the Walt Disney World Resort this summer: 2 FREE days!

Guests who purchase a 7 day Park Hopper ticket will only pay the price of a 5 day Park Hopper ticket; receiving your 6th and 7th days completely FREE.

There are no restrictions on this ticket other than they must be used by Dec. 31st, 2018. So even if you're not going this year you'll want to snag this offer as it's good for next year as well. No block-out dates.

Your Park Hopper ticket will get you same-day access to all 4 theme parks including Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. 

Animal Kingdom offers some of the most unique experiences including a real-life safari where you'll see animals including giraffes, zebra, lions, hippo, cheetahs, elephants and more! Plus Pandora - The World of Avatar in now open for guests and features two of the most talked-about rides in the Disney universe: Na'vi River Journey and Flight of Passage. 

Pandora - The World of Avatar

EPCOT is coming up on its world famous Food and Wine Festival featuring over 30 different countries sampling some of their most authentic foods and wines. You can also Eat to the Beat with this festivals concert series featuring bands such as STARSHIP, Plain White T's, Air Supply, Sugar Ray, American Authors, Blue October, Tiffany, Boyz II Men and many more!


Magic Kingdom just debut it's new fireworks show Once Upon a Time featuring some of the biggest and brightest fireworks we've ever seen and a dancing castle! Plus this fall catch the ever-popular Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party where you can dress up as your favorite character and trick or treat with some spooky villains!

Hollywood Studios is home to a galaxy far, far away: Star Wars. With shows happening daily including Jedi Training Academy, March of the First Order and the recently added night time fireworks show Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. Plus meet some of your favorite dark side characters including Kylo Ren and Darth Vader at the Star Wars Launch Bay!

The Hollywood Tower Hotel

There's so much to see and do at the Walt Disney World Resort you'll definitely want 7 days to experience it all! So get your 7 Day Park Hopper ticket now and save BIG for your next BIG trip to the Walt Disney World Resort!

2017 Planning Guide - Disneyland in July

Disneyland in July

We may earn money or other compensation from the companies or products mentioned in this post.

Disneyland in July is ready to bring the heat and extended Disneyland hours. If you’re going to Disneyland or California Adventure this month, here’s what to expect at the resort for July 2016.

Disneyland in July

Disneyland in July

Updated for 2017!

The Disneyland in July Planning Guide is brought to you by Grand Legacy At The Park Hotel.

Grand Legacy at the Park Maingate Disneyland

Disneyland Planning Guide brought to you by Grand Legacy At The Park Hotel, book your stay steps away from Disneyland’s maingate.

Discount Disneyland Tickets

July Tickets Disneyland

Disneyland now sets ticket prices based on crowd predictions and demand. July is full swing Summer Break and most ticket prices reflect regular and peak admission prices. We’ve partnered with Park Savers to bring you the lowest priced Disneyland tickets online.

July Tickets

Don’t pay these premium prices, get your discount Disneyland tickets here.

What’s New at Disneyland in July

Disneyland in July Planning Guide

(Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland)

  • D23 Expo takes over Anaheim July 14, 15, 16. See our D23 Prep article for more info.
  • July 17 is the official birthday of Disneyland and the re-opening of Fantasmic!; expect larger crowds on that day.
  • July 29th Mark Twain Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia, Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes return to Rivers of America. Disneyland Railroad also opens.
  • Tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party go on sale this month. Read more here.
  • Cooling down is essential during the hot summer months. You’ll want one of these water misting fans (and it’s cheaper than buying in the parks!) for your Disneyland trip.
  • Still need a hotel? See where we recommend you cool down at Disneyland’s top water park hotels. 

Disneyland in July Park Plans

Touring Plan Disneyland

Don’t stress over Disneyland, let us plan your day in the parks for you and skip most of the waiting often associated with Disneyland.

Disneyland Touring Plan

Buy your ready-to-go itinerary for $7 complete with convenient ready-to-print files to take with you on your trip.

Disneyland Classics Touring Plan at Disneyland Park (featuring the classic attractions of Disneyland Park)

$7.00 – Classics


Disneyland Storybook Touring Plan at Disneyland Park (kid-friendly and kid-focused touring plan) 

$7.00 – Storybook


Princess Touring Plan at Disneyland Park (a Princess lover’s dream come true) 

$7.00 – Princess


Thrill Seekers at Disneyland Park (roller coasters and thrills to explore)

$7.00 – Thrill Seekers


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Save your spot for a limited number of VIP Custom Park Plans with plans made specifically for your group, date, interests and more.

Disneyland in July Closures

The following attractions may be closed during part or all of this month. Be sure to check the official Disneyland app for closures and hours during your visit. Posted closures verified through July 26, 2017.

Disneyland July Crowds

Disneyland Resort

  • Mark Twain Riverboat (thru July 28)
  • Sailing Ship Columbia (thru July 28)
  • Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes (thru July 28)
  • Disneyland Railroad (thru July 28)
  • Disneyland Monorail
  • Sorcerer’s Workshop

Are you heading to the Disneyland Resort? Tell us what you’re most looking forward to for your Disneyland in July visit.

Jessica Sanders is a Disneyland expert who also loves the beach, flip flops and pink nail polish. Visit her website at The Happiest Blog on Earth.

New Update To Fastpass at Disneyland

Since last week Disneyland has been testing their updated Fastpass system available at all Fastpass enabled attractions.

The new system gets rid of paper tickets to show your Fastpass time and prove entrance into the Fastpass line. Upon receiving your Fastpass at the Fastpass machines it now goes onto your ticket or annual pass which is then scanned upon entering the Fastpass line at one of these pictured poles.


The machines still print out a ticket but it's just a reminder about your Fastpass reservation. You won't ever hand it to a Cast Member for use at a ride.

Disneyland has posted signs at all Fastpass attractions with instructions on how the updated system works.


2017 Food And Wine Festival Concert Series Announced

A record 32 musical acts will rev up the Eat to the Beat concert series during the 22nd Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival Aug. 31-Nov. 13, 2017 at Walt Disney World® Resort.

Eleven new-to-the-festival bands, including Kenny G., Squeeze and 10,000 Maniacs, join 21 fan-favorite musical acts for a diverse lineup of pop hit makers to rock America Gardens Theatre stage throughout the festival’s 75-day run.

Other new acts to appear are: The Hooters, Baha Men, Lauren Alaina, Mark Wills, American Authors, Devon Allman, Postmodern Jukebox and Blue October.

Guests also can tune into their favorite returning bands that will include festival opening act Delta Rae.  Concerts take place at 5:30, 6:45 and 8 p.m. daily.  The lineup (subject to change and included in Epcot admission) includes:

  • Aug. 31-Sept. 1         Delta Rae “Bottom of the River”
  • Sept. 2-3                  The Hooters NEW! “And We Danced”
  • Sept. 4-5                  Baha Men NEW! “Who Let the Dogs Out”
  • Sept. 6-7                  Fuel “Shimmer”
  • Sept. 8-10                STARSHIP starring Mickey Thomas “We Built This City”
  • Sept. 11-12              Lauren Alaina NEW! “Road Less Traveled”
  • Sept. 13-15              Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”
  • Sept. 16-17              Sister Hazel “All For You”   
  • Sept. 18-20              Air Supply “All Out of Love”
  • Sept. 21-22              David Cook “Light On”
  • Sept. 23-24              Everclear “Santa Monica”                   
  • Sept. 25-27              Sugar Ray “Every Morning”
  • Sept. 28-29              38 Special “Hold On Loosely”
  • Sept. 30-Oct. 1         Mark Wills NEW! “19 Somethin’”
  • Oct. 2-3                   American Authors NEW! “Best Day of My Life”
  • Oct. 4-5                   Christopher Cross “Sailing”  
  • Oct. 6-8                   Devon Allman NEW! “Ragged and Dirty”
  • Oct. 9-11                 Dennis DeYoung: The Music of STYX “Come Sail Away”
  • Oct. 12-13               Taylor Dayne “Tell It to My Heart”
  • Oct. 14-15               Jeffrey Osborne “On the Wings of Love”
  • Oct. 16-17               Postmodern Jukebox NEW! Various Hits                 
  • Oct. 18-20               10,000 Maniacs NEW! “Because the Night”
  • Oct. 21-22               Toad The Wet Sprocket “Walk on the Ocean”
  • Oct. 23-24               Kenny G NEW! “Songbird”
  • Oct. 25-26               Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams”
  • Oct. 27-29               Tiffany “I Think We’re Alone Now”
  • Oct. 30-Nov. 1         Hanson “MMMBop”
  • Nov. 2-3                  Blue October NEW! “Into the Ocean”
  • Nov. 4-5                  Living Colour “Cult of Personality” 
  • Nov. 6-8                  Boyz II Men "End of the Road"
  • Nov. 9-11                Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Go Daddy-O”
  • Nov. 12-13              Squeeze NEW! “Black Coffee in Bed”
  • (Songs listed are for artist recognition only and may not be included in the concert play list.)

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Make Our Favorite Treat from Pandora - The World of Avatar

All the new food at Pandora - The World of Avatar is...out of this world! One of our favorite treats is the Pongu Lumpia at the Pongu Pongu stand. Of course that's their Pandora name. We know them as rolls of awesomeness on earth. Who doesn't love a pineapple cream cheese spring roll?! 

Anyway, Disney has released this recipe for your enjoyment. Spread the love!

Pongu Lumpia (Pineapple Cream Cheese Spring Rolls)
Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Makes 10 Lumpia

  • 10 spring roll wrappers
  • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, room temperature
  • 2 cups diced fresh pineapple
  • 1/2 cup sugar, divided
  • Oil for frying

1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.
2. Carefully separate spring roll wrappers. Cover wrappers with moist paper towel to prevent drying.
3. Cut softened cream cheese into 10 equal pieces.
4. Place one spring roll wrapper on a cutting board. Place one piece of cream cheese in the center of the spring roll and spread evenly on wrapper, leaving a 3/4-inch border around the edges. Add 3 tablespoons of diced pineapple and sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.
5. Roll one edge of the wrapper towards the center. Fold in both sides and continue rolling. Moisten the edge with water to seal the lumpia.
6. Repeat with remaining spring roll wrappers.
7. Place lumpia on prepared baking sheet and freeze for 4 hours or overnight.
8. Preheat 1 inch of oil in a frying pan to 350°F. Fry lumpia for 3 minutes on each side, until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.
9. Roll in remaining sugar before serving.

Get Ready For Some Classics..

This summer, iconic Disneyland® Park attractions make their return with the reopening of “Fantasmic!,” the Rivers of America attractions and the Disneyland Railroad. We know these classic attractions – many of which have delighted Guests since the park’s opening day – are very special to Disneyland Park fans, and we are excited to celebrate their return.

For 25 years, “Fantasmic!” has taken Disneyland Park Guests on a journey into Mickey Mouse’s imagination, and its return on July 17, 2017 – in celebration of the park’s 62nd anniversary – will bring new magic to this beloved nighttime spectacular! The treasured Disneyland Park experience Guests have loved for years, complete with its original fanfare and theme song, will be taken to brilliant new heights. New mist screens will combine with innovative, state-of-the-art projection technology for brighter and more vibrant visuals than ever before, and the show will feature new scenes inspired by Disney animated classics such as “Aladdin” and “The Lion King.”

Also this summer, the classic Rivers of America attractions will reopen, starting with Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island this Friday, June 16, followed by Mark Twain Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia and Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes on July 29, 2017. For decades, Guests have traveled the landscapes inspired by four of America’s majestic rivers: the Mississippi, the Columbia, the Missouri and the Rio Grande; each carefully recreated, complete with indigenous rock formations, natural forests and wildlife. The return of these watercraft will bring even more breathtaking views for guests to discover, including an enhanced adventure featuring the new Columbia Gorge section, highlighted by five picturesque waterfalls. Last year, we shared the artist’s rendering above, courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering, showing the gorgeous new north bank of the Rivers of America, which will feature a beautiful new waterfront.

This new waterfront will also include several elevated trestles over which the Disneyland Railroad will travel when it reopens along with the Rivers of America attractions on July 29, 2017. An icon for more than 60 years, the Disneyland Railroad holds a special place in the hearts of our Guests, and we are excited to take them on the grand circle tour of Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom once again. This classic experience will also feature new and enhanced adventures! For the very first time, the Disneyland Railroad will make a left-hand turn to continue around Disneyland Park, and Walt Disney’s legendary dioramas of the Grand Canyon and Primeval World have been carefully restored to their original splendor, with a bit of new magic added to both!

Shop our discounted Disneyland tickets today and be on your way to check out these awesome attractions!

Big Changes Coming to Disneyland's Adventureland!

We've all see it. Massive crowds trying to walk through Adventureland. The stroller parking right in the middle of the walkway. Lines begin to form just to get through. You hope you can find a Fastpass lane....

                     Tours Departing Daily

                     Tours Departing Daily

Congestion in Adventureland has long been a struggle for Disneyland...until now. Disney has announced that changes will be taking place this month (around June 12th) to alleviate that congestion and improve the dining space. It starts with merchandise....

                   Tours Departing Daily

                   Tours Departing Daily

The Indy Outpost and South Seas Traders stores will close and be combined with Adventureland Bazaar. Bengal Barbeque will also close during this time and re-open at the end of June with improved in-door dining. Finally!

The stroller parking will be moved to the current location of Tropical Imports by the exit of the Jungle Cruise. Tropical Imports will move next door to Bengal Barbeque and continue to serve its fruits, drinks, and snacks.

Disney is planning on having all this complete by mid summer, before Fantasmic! returns to the park. 

We're really excited for thee changes and hope that in the future they will also improve other areas of the park the way they with this. Our "next on the list" is Tomorrowland by Star Tours!

6 Must-Do's at Walt Disney World Resort this Summer

There's a lot to do at the Walt Disney World Resort so narrowing down your time can seem kind of hard. We'll don't worry about it! No matter what you do on your vacation it will be magical!

Here are some suggestions on must-do's this summer:

1. Watch “Happily Ever After” Fireworks – This new nighttime fireworks spectacular is dazzling Guests at Magic Kingdom® Park. Performed nightly, the show draws on dozens of Disney characters and stories to tell a tale about the importance of chasing your dreams and overcoming adversity to find your happily ever after.  

2. Explore Pandora – The World of Avatar – This all-new land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme park transports your Clients to a world of bioluminescent rainforests, floating mountains and soaring banshees. Guests can now experience riding on a mountain banshee on the thrilling Avatar Flight of Passage, or board reed boats for Na’vi River Journey, a family-friendly excursion down a rainforest river to see the Na’vi Shaman of Songs.

3. Enjoy “The Music of Pixar LIVE! A Symphony of Characters” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – “The Music of Pixar LIVE! A Symphony of Characters” showcases a selection of unforgettable soundtrack favorites from Disney•Pixar “Cars,” “Finding Nemo,” “Monsters, Inc.,” “Toy Story” and “Up,” performed by a live orchestra and includes appearances by beloved Disney•Pixar characters like Woody, Buzz and Jessie. This 40-minute concert is presented three times nightly at Theater of the Stars, following regular daily performances of “Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage.”

4. Explore Additions to Star Wars Launch Bay – Replicas from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” welcome your Clients to Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®. (And don’t forget, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular returned earlier in 2017 to the delight of Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In it, the music, magic and characters of Star Wars combine with special effects, fireworks and state-of-the-art projection to put you inside iconic scenes from the Star Wars saga).

5. Slide Through Miss Adventure Falls – This family-friendly raft adventure just debuted to at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon® Water Park and whisks your Clients through the remains of a treasure hunter’s hideout.

6. Watch the “Disney Movie Magic” Projection Show – This new projection show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios transforms the park’s iconic Chinese Theater with special lighting and state-of-the-art projection mapping technology to put you right in the middle of a high-energy celebration of films from the Disney family of studios. There will be dozens of movies highlighted, from Disney classics like “Mary Poppins” to contemporary blockbusters such as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the Indiana Jones adventures and this summer’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

Two Big Attractions Now Open on Both Coasts!

They're finally here! The two we've been waiting for! One's an upgrade to an old attraction and the other is brand new!

Today on the West Coast at the Disneyland Resort, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout! opened at Disney California Adventure Park. Lines were long but there was no shortage of fun! This new attraction is far superior to Tower of Terror when it comes to air time. It's like nothing you've experienced before! Get ready for some fast times and great tunes!

On the East Coast at the Walt Disney World Resort Pandora - World of Avatar opened at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The lines were even longer here, merchandise was going fast, and crowd control was on red alert. Through it all though it was a blast! The land features 2 new attractions including the Na'vi River Journey and Flight of Passage. The smallest wait time we saw was just over 3 hours..but we did see Flight of Passage up to 4.5 hours. Be sure to get your Fastpasses!!!

Pandora - World of Avatar

Pandora - World of Avatar

Plan on both of these parks being busy for the next several months. Keep in mind though that the other rides around them are going to have less of a wait which is a great time ride!


UBEREATS at the Disney Theme Parks

You've heard of UBER before, the car service that can help you get from one point to another for much less than a taxi. It's our favorite thing to use when traveling to the Disney Theme Parks! 

Well now you can take advantage of their food service called UBEREATS. It basically takes the UBER drivers to the restaurant you order from via the UBEREATS app, has them pick up your food and deliver it to you.  

The UBEREATS app is very easy to use, just plug in your address, choose what you want to eat, order and wait for delivery!  

You can order from all sorts of places from small local restaurants to fast food franchises including McDonalds.  

Through UBEREATS restaurants offer special meals from time to time that give you a lot of food for a cheap price. Scroll through all the selections available and find what you're hungry for. Order and let the food come to you. 

Park Savers has a great promotion for new comers to the UBEREATS app too! Use code: eats-deang2368ue to receive $5 off your first order. That's a free sandwich or shake! Woot!

UBEREATS is available in both Anaheim, CA and Orlando, FL at both Disney Theme Parks. It's very convenient and doesn't cost much more than driving and ordering and coming back. In fact most times it will cost you less!

Satu'li Canteen at Pandora announces Breakfast Menu

Excitement over the debut of Pandora — The World of Avatar means that Guests will be arriving early each morning when the new land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park opens on May 27, 2017.

You can make a stop at fast-casual Satu’li Canteen, where a diverse menu will offer plenty of choices. On the savory side, there’s a hearty Vegetable Goat Cheese Frittata with Wood-Fired, Herb-Crusted Beef and Chimichurri; as well as Pork Shoulder Potato Hash with Chorizo Sausage and Natural Jus, or a Steamed Pod (bao bun) with Scrambled Egg, Bacon, Spinach and Pickled Vegetables.


If you prefer a sweet beginning to the day, try the Tropical Pandora Forest Fruits with Yogurt Muesli and Vanilla Maple Syrup; Steel-Cut Oats with Whiskey Raisins, Marcona Almonds, Goji Berry, or Cinnamon Swirl French Toast with Blueberry Cheesecake Dollop and Passion Fruit Anglaise.

For ages 9 and younger, there’s three tasty meals: Cinnamon Swirl French Toast with Blueberry Cheesecake Dollop and Passion Fruit Anglaise; a Scrambled Egg Steamed Pod (bao bun), and cereal and milk.

Pandora - The World of Avatar Guide and Photo Tour

We wanted to start this post screaming how amazing Pandora - The World of Avatar is...but it wouldn't do it justice. It's easily the best land Disney has added onto their parks and is superior in Imagineering than anything else they've done. 

From the moment you walk into the land till you leave and everything in between you'll be wowed. The detail put into this land is incredible. 

Upon entering the land Cast Members will bid you farewell and a safe journey as you head to Pandora, leaving earth behind to experience one of the most unique worlds. You'll first notice that there are lots of plants and trees (fitting for Animal Kingdom), many that you don't recognize (or maybe you do from the film). Some look friendly and some look like they want to eat you. ;)

In the background of Pandora are the floating mountains and waterfalls which you will walk under as you explore the land. They really set the tone of your exploration by keeping you in your place as a somewhat lowly human being (remember the Na'vi are much bigger than us humans). On our tour with Joe Rohde, the Imagineer who designed Pandora, he pointed out the waterfalls at the very back of the mountain, the ones way up by the peaks and how they move slower than the rest of the water falls further down. While this is how it would really look to the human eye, the waterfalls are fake. He told us it's an illusion that was created a long time ago and still used today. It's cloth with a painted design on it to look like a waterfall and then ran on a rotating wheel.

The water falls around Pandora along with the plants and small lakes and streams are breathtaking. You could spend hours just walking around enjoying these (but don't because there are other things to do). Once you've experienced the entire land then come back and look more into the vegetation!

As you walk around you'll notice a lot of symbolism including images weaved from rattan and other materials. Instead of marking rides with marquees on Pandora they are marked by these symbols. Look for them as you explore around and if you see one you've come to a one of a kind experience.

One area of the land even features some native drums that when played will make some amazing and unique Na'vi sounds. Played together and you'll get one great, unique musical experience.

The first attraction we tried was the Na'vi River Journey where you'll get to experience the amazing bioluminescent forest of Pandora. We won't ruin your experience by telling you what to expect other than it's an amazing visual journey accompanied by the music of the Na'vi. This boat ride down the river can be enjoyed by all ages. Check-out our 4K ride-through if you just can't wait! The ride queue was built to hold a 90 minute line so get your Fastpass+ reservations early!

The next attraction on Pandora is Avatar Flight of Passage where you'll get to experience an incredible ride on the back of a Banshee. The technology for this attraction is incredible and cutting edge. The ride queue alone is amazing in its design and features as it tells a story of what happened and what's to come as humans and Na'vi clean up the mess made by RDA. As you walk through the queue you may notice different color hand prints, red and blue. Red hand prints are those of humans and blue hand prints are those of the Na'vi. Blue hand prints with red inside of them are Avatars. Avatar Flight of Passage does have a height requirement of 44". The ride queue was built to hold a line 6 hours long....and we think it will typically have a wait time of about 2 hours even after the opening rush cools off. Make your Fastpass+ reservations!

Trust us, this attraction is breathtaking and amazing. You'll want to come back again and again to experience it. If the lines are long it's completely worth the wait. Disney is onto something with this attraction which we believe will lead the way into better and more unique experiences and attractions.

For your Pandora dining there is a quick service dining location called Satu'li Canteen that offers some incredible dishes featuring wholesome grains, fresh vegetables and hearty proteins. It sounds really healthy (and for the most part it is) but it's also really, really good. Healthy can taste good! They also have some desserts that will have you back in line for another round like their Blueberry Mousse.

And don't miss the Pongu Pongu drink stand that serves up some of the most unique and photogenic drinks we've ever seen. Be sure to try the Night Blossom frozen drink featuring limeade and apple/pear flavors topped with boba balls. They are intense!

We could write all day about Pandora - The World of Avatar but what you really need to do is experience it for yourself. The new land at Disney's Animal Kingdom officially opens May 27th, 2017. 

To see a walkthrough of the new land check out the video below!